Autumn boots are where it’s at! 

If you’re like me and have a love for boots in the Autumn and Winter, then read on…

As with everything fashion and especially footwear, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start, or what to look for in a shoe, boot or trainer depending on what you want it for. This brings me nicely onto my first point of making sure the boot is fit for purpose. For example, don’t buy a walking boot to wear with jeans to go out for dinner, and conversely don’t buy a heeled fashion boot for walking up a hill! There is also the complication of those that wear insoles for support and pain relief, and being able to fit them into a suitable boot. So here are a few tips about the boots I wear for different occasions and why they suit that particular job… 

Walking the dog – North Face (Back to Berkeley). These are walking boots which I can wear for great support, protection and they are waterproof. This is essential if you are out walking the dog through the woods in the mud, leaves, puddles, fields etc, and the ground is wet, muddy and uneven. They are extremely light and have a removable insole so I can put my own bespoke insoles in them. They would also work well for hiking and hill walking. 

Brown suede boots – Hotter. These are my go to boots for heading out to the shops, picking up the kids, when I am both in and outside and going to be on my feet quite a bit. They look good, have good support, are wide fit to accommodate my wide forefoot and have removable insoles so I can pop my own insoles in there. A great find! 

Snow boots – Sorel. These do exactly what they say on the tin. They are fab if you are off skiing or abroad when the weather is extremely cold. They are also great if we happen to get snow here in England and want to head out for a wintery walk! No room for insoles so definitely not for those who want to walk miles. 

Boots Knee high waterproof boots – Dubarry. 100% waterproof and perfect for watching those rugby matches in the freezing cold and rainy weather. I love them for this but I wouldn’t walk miles in them as I can’t fit my insoles in them and need a bit more support for going the distance. They are also on the pricey side but do last many years. 

Fashion boots with a small heel – I have a couple of pairs of these with a low block heel and they are perfect for wearing with jeans or dresses for a night out or somewhere for dinner. They are not particularly supportive, and they definitely can’t fit and insole in them so they are more for wearing when you know you won’t be on your feet a lot. They do look great though! 

Killer heel boots – these are just a no no from me!!!!



In summary, remember these top tips when shopping for boots: 



That’s it from me. Happy shopping and enjoy the outdoors even in the Autumn and Winter! 






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