Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

You can give us a call on 01372 417585 or book online.


Which appointment type is suitable for me?

If you have a general foot problem i.e. toenail cutting, hard skin, corns, painful nails, verruca then you should book a New Patient – Standard appointment. 

If you have foot and ankle pain i.e. heel pain, arch pain, joint pain, pain when exercising then you should book a New Patient – Advanced Analysis appointment which will give us more time to assess you thoroughly including range of motion in joints, standing assessment, gait analysis etc. 


What should I bring to my appointment? 

Routine podiatry appointment – please just bring yourself and a up to date list of any medication you take.

Advanced analysis – please bring any footwear you would regularly wear, if you do a sport please bring the trainers you wear for that. Please wear shorts or loose fitting trousers. If you have any imaging i.e. X-Ray, MRI etc. in relation to your complaint please bring a copy or email to [email protected]

Nail surgery – sliders, sandals or flip flops, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE on the day of your surgery. 


Do you have patient parking?

We do not have any patient parking on site, however Torrington Lodge Car Park is next door to our clinic and has plenty of spaces. 


 What is the difference between Podiatry and Chiropody?

The titles Podiatrist and Chiropodist are legally protected and can only be used by someone who has attained a qualification in this field. This is a 3 year degree programme in England, and 4 year in Scotland, from a University School of Podiatry. They must also hold registration with the Health & Care Professions Council.

Chiropody is a term which historically referred to the treatment of skin and nail conditions of the feet. In recent years the scope of practice of practitioners has expanded to include: management of lower limb pain, gait analysis, injection therapy, minor surgery, supply of prescription only medicines, diabetic foot heath as well as general foot care. In view of this extended more specialist remit; the profession has adopted the modern term Podiatry, which is recognised within healthcare around the developed world.


What is the cancellation policy? 

We ask that you give us 48 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment. If an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours or missed there will 50% appointment charge applied.  On booking we will ask for a mobile number and/or an email address and we send a reminder both by email and text message before your appointment. 


Can I claim back my costs using health insurance?

Yes, if your insurance policy covers this. Please check with your provider before your appointment. We will require payment up front we will then provide you with a detailed invoice for you to claim any costs back.