Current Prices

Here is a quick update on our current prices for our most popular treatments. If you have any questions or wish to contact us please call us on 01372 417585 or email on [email protected]


New Patient £60 30 minutes
Routine Appointment £55 30 minutes
Advanced Analysis Package 

(for foot, ankle, heel, knee pain

includes 60 min assessment + 1 follow-up apt)

£195 60 minutes
Verruca Needling Package

(includes needling + 2 follow-up apts) 

From £350 60 minutes
Cryotherapy £75 per session 30 minutes
Toenail Reconstruction (Wildé Pediqué) From £80 Variable
Nail Surgery Package

(includes surgery, dressings + 3 follow-up apts)

From £499 90 minutes



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