3D Gait Analysis & Musculoskeletal Testing

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Run3D is the gold standard of gait and musculoskeletal analysis, providing all the information you need to understand the root cause of your injury. It can also be used to make you more efficient, stronger and faster to improve performance by locating weaknesses or inefficiencies in your gait.


What is 3D gait analysis?

Run3D’s advanced technology captures real-time measurements of your movement patterns using infrared cameras and reflective markers, enabling us to immediately identify any asymmetries or abnormal patterns in your gait. The marker positions are used to create an accurate 3D model of your lower limbs and to calculate exactly how your pelvis, hip, knee and ankle joints are moving. Using Run3D, we can see degrees of movement that cannot be seen by the naked eye or in video gait analysis. It uses the same technology as specialist orthopaedic hospitals, elite sports performance centres, and film studios for motion pictures. During the assessment, we may capture tests at different walking or running speeds, or with different footwear, tailoring the process to your specific needs.


Musculoskeletal Testing

After your gait analysis, we will carry out a comprehensive set of objective clinical tests to precisely measure your strength, range of motion, alignment, and neuromuscular control. These tests will provide us with valuable data and complete our understanding of your movement patterns. By combining the results of these tests with the 3D analysis of your gait, we gain a thorough understanding of how your body is moving and why it may be moving in this particular way. The data we collect serves as the foundation of your individual treatment programme.



Why should I get 3D gait analysis? 

There are two main reasons why a 3D gait analysis would be beneficial:

Hip, knee, foot or ankle chronic pain or injury

Enhance performance in running to be more efficient, stronger and faster


What is included in the 3D gait analysis package? 


Treatment and Recovery 

The results of your assessment will be used to provide a data-driven treatment and rehabilitation programme. This might include strength and conditioning, home exercises, physiotherapy, footwear/orthotic recommendations, gait re-education or referral to another practitioner.

Our objective is to resolve your injuries and help you achieve your goals effectively. By combining the expertise of our clinicians with the insights gained from your 3D gait analysis, we can build a comprehensive roadmap that guides your rehabilitation journey towards successful outcomes.



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